SupportPro Alternative

Are You Looking For SupportPro Alternative?

Why you should Choose GetMyAdmin instead of SupportPro?

White Label Support

White Label Support assures our customers a complete transparency and your customers will not identify our identity.

Customized Plan

We provide plans that are exclusively made to meet the requirements of our clients. Customers have the the privilege to choose the best plans suitable for them.

Pocket Friendly

Our business plans are affordable to all classes of people.Customers can afford it for reasonable price.

Human Support with fast response

GetMyAdmin offers customers well experienced and trained human support for all its chat support.

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We make the task hassle-free by our  auto-setup of servers. This will in turn save the time.



Our automated control panel makes the process of taking backups much simpler and eliminating the risks involved.



We provide and keep your servers secure enough to prevent security attacks.



We automatically update the needed resources in a timely manner ensuring its up to date.



We auto save your cache as hcache in the disk using the available resources.


Auto Scaling

Our auto-scaling assures that it takes care of all instances and monitor them for any threat.