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Semi Dedicated Support Staff

We provide Semi Dedicated Support Staff Plan for 24/7 meeting the tailored needs of our customers. People who have just started business and cannot invest much money often hire Semi Dedicated Support Staff Plan.Semi Dedicated Support Staff  is the plan solely built for whose who have 1 – 5 servers and does not need much assistance more frequently. However, if you are just starting a hosting company then the best plan to opt for will be Semi Dedicated Support Staff Plan.

Semi Dedicated Support Staff are the most affordable outsourced server management service that we offer.The efficiency of Dedicated Support as well as the affordability of Shared Support are clubbed together to bring you the convenience of Semi Dedicated Support service. While you enjoy the privilege of dedicated support, yet you need not be too concerned about the budget. Hence this hybrid model is ideal for those customers who can’t afford to enroll for Dedicated Support due to budget constraints, but need higher priority support than what Shared Support plans can provide.

Our Semi Dedicated packages are carefully designed to provide priority service at an affordable price point. In a typical Semi Dedicated setup, the support professionals are split across two clients. Moreover a Semi Dedicated Support team is supervised by a Quality Manager, who is responsible for ensuring seamless flow of support activities between two different projects. The Quality Manager will also act as the single point of contact (SPOC) for all customer communications and closely monitor all the issues from initiation to closure.Technicians are available for 8 hours for 5 days.The customers can decide on the time slot that the technicians should work for them.Additionally, clients can decide the level of support they need based on the complexity of tickets.

Semi Dedicated Support Plans are designed specifically to cater to the requirements of web hosting resellers and startup businesses who can’t afford to enroll for dedicated plans due to budget constraints. Hence it can be the most suitable plan if you are just launching a hosting business and need reliable yet cost-effective technical support round the clock, without compromising on the quality of service.If you need assistance just signup with us. Semi Dedicated Support Plans is now available!

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8 Hours, 5 Days A Week 8 Hours, 5 Days A Week 8 Hours, 5 Days A Week

HelpDesk Support

Yes Yes Yes

Live Chat Support

Yes Yes Yes

Server Management

No Yes Yes

New Server Setup

No No Yes

Server Consultation

No No Yes

Server Updates

No No Yes

3rd Party Software Installation

No Yes Yes

Control Panel Administration

Yes Yes Yes

Server Optimization

No Yes Yes

Server Migrations

No No Yes

Pre-Sales And Billing Support

Yes Yes Yes

Data Center Contacts

Yes Yes Yes

Setup Fees

No No No

Number of Tickets/Month

125 125 125

Response Time

25 Minutes 25 Minutes 25 Minutes

Resolution Time

6 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any packages for everyday and 24 Hours Support?

Yes – We have and please navigate to the link – 24 Hours Shared Staff to know more details.

How can I make the payment?

You can make the paymet over Paypal/Credit card/ Bitcoin/ TransferWise.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

No, we do not offer money back for the Shared Support Plans.

How long does it take to activate the service?

The service will be activating in 4 – 8 Hours once the order has been accepted.