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We setup your server with minimal security hardening and optimization

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We offer Linode Server Setup for all our customers shouldering the responsibility. The primary steps involved in server setup are bit complicated.The main steps that are involved in this Linode Server Setup plan are – choosing -the server hardware, Operating system, a good location for server, configuring the server and implementing server security.

Choose the best server hardware that is connected with the tasks that the server perform and the form factor of the server.The OS that we installed in server should be selected in order to support many users at a time.Select the server location to avoid maximum data security risks. Setup the server configuration after successful installation of the operating system.Finally, ensure the security of your server. Linode Server Setup Plan is now available!

Server SetUp

  • SSH Hardening
  • Server Installation
  • Control Panel Installation
  • Firewall Setup
  • DNS setup
  • Minimal Server Security
  • Minimal Server Optimization
  • PHP Module installations
  • Apache Module installation
  • Nginx Module installation
  • Multiple PHP Version installation
  • Verify permissions and correction

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Monthly Server Management

We offer you monthly plan to manage your server ensuring it well maintained and secured.Check out Shared Support, Semi Dedicated Support or Dedicated Support.


Malware Removal Service

We monitor your server on daily basis to prevent attacks and remove the malware that affected the server which is available with our Malware Removal Service.

Server Hardening

We assure your servers are free from threats and all security issues.Check out our Server Hardening Plan.